Breaking Amish/Wimmens tings.

So I started watching Breaking Amish recently(which is pretty amazing fyi) and it really opened my eyes to their culture and how things are done. The show basically follows 5 young adults, 4 of them coming from Amish families and one Mennonite girl, as they decide to break out of their communities and go to spend time in New York City to figure out “who they are” etc etc. It’s a real coming of age programme and it’s extremely interesting to see them adjust to a completely different lifestyle and try to figure out how to live outside such a close-knit community and away from their families.

But none of this is what shocked me about the programme, what shocked me about this was the horrifically misogynistic and backwards society in which these people have been living their lives for at least the past 20 years. The women in these societies are expected to do all over the cooking/cleaning/laundry/raising of children in the house on top of working in the farm and other chores they’re expected to do. Now I don’t think that this is the craziest thing in the world as this happens in many cultures and communities and lots of women do all these things as well as holding up a full time job, which is pretty impressive to say the least, but it was crazy how these women never seemed to be thanked and appreciated for all the work they do for these men in their homes. Even the young women are set to work in the home very early on. In the first or second episode (my memory fails me) we see one of the Amish girls, Rebecca, make breakfast for her brothers and when they receive the first thing they do when asked if it is nice is complain that it took so long.

What made me so furious about the whole situation was the disgusting sense of entitlement by the men in their communities. They don’t believe that these women doing all those things they do for them on a daily basis is something that they work tirelessly at, it’s just something that is expected of them. You sure as heck best believe they’d notice if they weren’t doing these things but yet they get no recognition at all for it being done. 

There is extreme hypocrisy amongst the men in these communities, and this is never more evident than when in New York and they are doing laundry one of the men, Jeremiah, is talking about how Amish women were raised to do laundry and no wife of his will expect him to do laundry. He then goes on to insult the other man present, Abe, for helping his girlfriend, Rebecca, with the laundry, he begins saying he’d make a good wife, and he’s acting like a woman etc as if acting “womanly” is something to be frowned upon and feminine traits are weak and something you’re not meant to have. 

As if it isn’t worrying enough that there are relatively small communities in America that believe these things, but the world is still an extremely sexist place and we see evidence of it everyday in the news, women being raped, women being beaten by their husbands, women generally just being repressed by men in society and it’s blatantly wrong. I don’t care who originally said that women should be viewed as lesser beings than men but it’s not even simply outdated, in was never indated.

/Rant off

1 year ago

The sexual magnetism of Jeremy Irons

ooohhh yeaahhh

Yes, Jeremy Irons is a man over 3 times my age. Yes, Jeremy Irons is older than my biological father. Yes, one of this most prominent acting successes is as a sexually deviating pedophile. Yes, Jeremy Irons is probably the most attractive man I’ve ever encountered(figuratively, unfortunately..) in my entire life. 

There’s just something about that older-than-middle aged man that’s so ridiculously mesmerising. I think it’s partly to do with his voice, God, even if he was an ugly man that voice could talk me into bed any day. It’s so.. knowledgeable. BUT, he is not an ugly man. There is something so deliciously nerdy about those round glasses and silly scarves he favours. I feel like we’d stay up all night with him reading me Hemmingway and the likes. AND THE LIKES. 

Yes, even though he plays a pedophile in Lolita, he’s still ridiculously lustable. Regardless of his criminal ongoings, he’s not violent, nor is he brash and unrelenting. He’s tender and remorseful and all around LOVELY. He can’t help himself, you see. It’s an affliction, you see. Plus, I don’t think you hear her complaining a whole bunch, pretty much seduces him herself anyways. Can’t say I blame her, I’d probably do the same.

2 years ago